Ivan Katsarov


shapes & colour palette
An experimental portrait of based on stained glass and playing cards.
Review of Dead by Sunrise experiments

Summer With Lazy Motions

Cover design: Ivan Katsarov

Interview With Graphic Designer Ivan Katsarov




Radiohead In Rainbows album cover

This week we’re highlighting the fantastic portfolio of Ivan Katsarov, a recent graduate of the University of Greenwich who’s work was recently on show at the D&AD New Blood exhibition. A creator from an early age, he has since turned his creative itch into a career combining a broad range of mediums, particularly typography, photography and illustration. Perhaps best described as visual puzzles, his work draws you in by inviting you to decipher the layers of a story told in text and bold visuals. We caught up with him to hear his unique perspective on graphic design.

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LazyMotions August 2014

Continuing the July theme of summer memories, the direction this month is all about the expectations. Everyone is  about the holiday month when all of the anticipation and excitement culminates in as if one huge party. LazyMotions tours all around Bulgaria and so do the posters, inviting you to dive into the summer madness.

Photography and graphic design: Ivan Katsarov


the emergency cards of @jermaine197b :) #graphicdesign
NewBlood was so exciting!